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Verify and repair Zip archive files

Object FIX ZIP is a utility that lets you verify the integrity of one or more Zip archives, to repair them if they are damaged, and to even extract its contents.

Using Object FIX ZIP is an incredibly easy thing to do thanks to the step-by-step nature of the user interface. First you First you choose the Zip file to treat, second the actions to make, third the archive processes and finally it repairs or extracts the files.

An interesting thing about Object FIX ZIP is that it is able to even extract archives of Zip files that have CRC errors or those that have not downloaded completely.

Object FIX ZIP is a program for repairing Zip archive files. It can reconstruct a specified Zip file by creating a new Zip archive while recovering the contents of the faulty Zip file where possible.

This software is designed for testing, fixing and processing of corrupt or unusable ZIP archive files that are partially damaged or not completely downloaded.


  • Step-by-step operation
  • Extracts Zip files with CRC errors


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    Object FIX ZIP


    Object FIX ZIP 1.7 for PC

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